What is Redirect URL/3rd party redirects?

What is Redirect URL?

Third-party redirects in surveys refer to the practice of redirecting survey respondents to an external website or platform. This is typically done by inserting a redirect link into the survey flow, which sends the respondent to an external platform or website. 

For example, if a respondent completes a survey using a third-party redirect link and encounters an error during the survey completion process, the third-party platform can redirect them to a customized error message or a specific page on the survey platform that provides instructions on how to resolve the error. This can help to minimize respondent frustration and improve the overall survey experience.

Similarly, third-party redirects can be used to screen out respondents who do not meet the eligibility criteria for a survey. For example, a survey may require respondents to meet specific demographic or behavioural criteria, such as being a current customer of a particular brand or having purchased a specific product. In this case, the third-party platform can screen out ineligible respondents and redirect them to a different survey or a message explaining that they are not eligible to participate. 

Finally, third-party redirects can be used to direct respondents to a different survey or offer once they have completed the initial survey. This can be an effective way to keep respondents engaged and interested in the survey process and may even lead to additional survey responses or increased engagement with the survey platform.