3rd Party Integration in Decode

Decode users have the flexibility to link their survey platforms with Decode, thus allowing respondents to answer survey questions on those platforms while taking the corresponding eye tracking and/or facial coding tests on Decode.

For e.g., users can leverage the functionality described in this article to set up a flow where respondents answer pre-survey or screening questions in a system like FocusVision, get redirected to Decode to take the eye-tracking and/or facial coding test, and then be re-directed again back to FocusVision to answer post-survey questions. 

Understanding common integration scenarios

1. Redirecting from your survey platform to Decode

Users can append unique URL variables to the re-direction link in their survey systems. These variables will then be passed onto and stored within the Decode when a respondent completes the pre-survey / screening questionnaire. 

For e.g., the following URL: 

https://client.affectlab.io/applicant/token/1f55c75566674cbf9e045530e91524 4a?list=101&amp (https://client.affectlab.io/applicant/token/1f55c75566674cbf9e045530e91524 4a?list=101&amp);psid=${VARpsid.val}&basic=${VARbasic.val} - contains variables like 'psid' and 'basic', which are passed onto Decode in the form of unique values for each respondent. These variables are automatically stored in Decode's database and can be mapped against unique Decode IDs that are created for each respondent. 

2. Redirecting from Decode to your survey platform 

Users can configure re-directs in the Decode study settings to re-direct respondents who complete eye tracking and/or facial coding tests to the survey platform. They can also add any static variables that need to be passed on from the Decode to the survey platform. 

3. Redirecting from your survey platform to Decode and back 

This is one of the most common integration scenarios and can be accomplished through the steps mentioned in the first two scenarios, i.e. 

  1. Users copy the study URL and paste it into the re-direction settings of the survey platform. They append any variables that need to be passed to the Decode study URL. 
  2. Users configure the re-directs in Decode to send respondents back to the survey system post completion of eye-tracking and/or facial coding tests. 

Steps to link Decode with your survey platform 

1. Set up a study in Decode by uploading your stimuli or adding some survey questions.

2. Navigate to the connect tab to add the redirect platform link.

 3. Once all these steps have been completed, launch the study to make the study URL live. 

4. Copy the URL for the study. 

Note: The "Copy Survey Link" is a bilty URL right now, it won't work while setting up redirection. The actual URL is needed for setup, which can be extracted from backend for redirection purposes.

Feed the URL into the re-direction settings of the survey. For e.g., users can take the study URL from Decode and insert it in the XML script of the survey to configure the re-direction to Decode.page3image65004688

Once done, test the flow out to confirm it's working as intended once you launch the study.