Release Notes - April 12th, 2023

With this release, we have fixed some bugs users observed in Decode.

Bug Fixes🔧

  • A bug was identified in our meeting token generation system that was causing Single Sign-On (SSO) users to receive an error when attempting to join meetings. The issue has been resolved now, and all users should now be able to join the meeting without encountering any errors.
  • Fixed the bug related to the research creation page. Previously, users were experiencing a delay when attempting to view qualitative study templates to get started with study creation. The issue has been fixed. Now, the users will see only the qualitative study template screen when they click on the create study button.
  • We have enhanced the UI to improve the user experience on the insights page. Users should now be able to access and navigate the insights page seamlessly and without any visual inconsistencies.
  • Fixed a bug preventing users who logged in using SSO from creating studies, which resulted in an error. Now, the users who log in using SSO should be able to create studies without encountering any issues.