In-Context Testing in Decode

What is In-Context Testing on Decode?

In-context testing within Decode offers a dynamic way to experiment and evaluate your images and videos in a social media environment like Instagram, TikTok, etc. This feature allows you to simulate the appearance of your content within a social media post or ad format, complete with avatars, captions, and other relevant elements.

What do we offer?

Instagram Feed: Immerse your uploaded images and videos in an Instagram post setting to witness their appearance and feel within this popular social media environment.

Instagram Reels: Acknowledging the craze for Instagram Reels, we've introduced an Instagram Reel simulation. Here, you can upload your videos and see how they appear and perform within the Reel format on Instagram.

TikTok: Test your uploaded videos within a TikTok-like environment to understand their reception and effectiveness on this platform known for its unique video content.

How Does In-Context Testing Work?

When utilizing In-Context Testing on Decode, you can upload your images or videos directly into the testing block. The system then recreates an environment resembling an Instagram or TikTok post, embedding your content seamlessly. This simulation reflects how your media would look when presented as a post on the Instagram platform.

Why Use In-Context Testing?

  • Realistic Representation: Experience an accurate portrayal of your content within the social media-like setting, including the appearance of an avatar, captions, and more.
  • Visual Assessment: Evaluate the visual impact and overall aesthetics of your content in a simulated ad format, aiding in making informed decisions regarding its effectiveness.
  • Optimization and Adjustment: Test variations of images or videos to determine which performs best within the Instagram or TikTok framework. Make necessary adjustments before launching campaigns.

Key Features of In-Context Testing


1. Eye Tracking and Facial Coding

In addition to simulating your content within a social media app-like setting, Decode offers integrated eye-tracking and facial coding technologies. These provide valuable insights into viewer behaviour and emotional responses, offering a comprehensive understanding of audience engagement.

  • Heat Map and Transparency Map Analysis: Visualize areas of high and low attention on your content through a heat map, revealing where viewers focus their gaze the most.
  • Engagement Attention Graph: Graphical representation showcasing peaks and drops in audience engagement, aiding in identifying compelling and less engaging sections.
  • Emotion Analysis: Gain insights into the emotional responses elicited by your content, enabling adjustments to better resonate with your target audience.

2. Avatar Integration: Your content will be accompanied by an avatar, mimicking the typical user's presence, enhancing the realistic feel.

3. Caption Addition: Assess the impact of different captions or text overlays on your content to gauge audience engagement potential.

4. Format Validation: Ensure that your media aligns with the social media post format, helping you avoid unexpected cropping or sizing issues.

How to Use In-Context Testing

Upload Your Media: Simply upload your images or videos into the designated testing block within Decode.

Explore Simulated post: Instantly view how your content would appear within an Instagram or TikTok application.

Analyze and Optimize: Assess the visual impact, adjust captions or elements as necessary, and optimize your content for maximum effectiveness.