Release Notes - 5th March, 2024

What's New?✨

Decode integration with Lucid!

  • We're excited to announce the integration of Lucid panel, enhancing your testing capabilities. This addition enables seamless collaboration with Lucid, broadening the scope of your studies. Now, you can easily engage with a diverse range of participants across the world, expanding your reach and gathering valuable insights. This integration empowers you to enrich your research and analysis with data from a broader audience.

Unlock Global Co-Pilot Access from the Library Page!

  • Now, in addition to accessing the global co-pilot feature from the Decode platform dashboard, users can effortlessly navigate to it within the library page as well. This improvement ensures a seamless user journey for accessing data within the platform.

Embed Study Updates!

  • When a user creates an active study ready to receive responses, the Share tab provides defined methods for reaching out to respondents. However, it's important to note that the 'Embed Share' option comes with specific restrictions. Currently, embedding is not supported for studies involving Facial Coding and Eye Tracking, as well as for Diary Study and In-context study types.
  • Performed user experience improvements across the platform.

Bug Fixes🔧

  • We resolved an issue where newly created organizations were not appearing under teams in the Invite User Tab. Now, newly created teams are displayed as expected when users attempt to invite new users to the workspace.
  • Additionally, we addressed an issue where the close study button was non-functional in the absence of Home Org in the user_org API Response, except for qualitative studies. Now, the close study function operates as intended.