Release Notes - September 23, 2022

What's New?✨

Features and Improvements in the release include:

  • Completely revamped Decode Live meetings tool with a fresh user interface now offers a solid meeting experience.
  • Renamed Organizations as Teams across Decode.
  • Confirmation pop-up when attempting to delete highlights, media, collections, insights, and meetings.
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from viewing past meetings using the weekly filter.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed invitees to edit meetings from the My Schedule widget.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from creating meetings that crossed into midnight i.e., from before 12 am to after 12 am.
  • Fixed Transcription page alignment issues and improved user experience.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to enable sub-teams (sub-organization) while the parent team (organization) was disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that hid the email addresses of attendees who were invited through email addresses in the edit meeting form.
  • Appropriate error messages are now shown when login attempts fail for a range of reasons.