Paragraph Question Block

This question block comes under the General question blocks.

A paragraph question block is a type of survey question that allows the respondent to answer with a longer, more detailed response than other question types. It typically involves an open-ended question, which the respondent can answer in a free-form text field.

Example: Please describe your experience with our product in as much detail as possible.


  • Response required: the respondent will not be able to move to another question without answering the question.
  • Progress bar: It will display how the completion status of the survey.


  • You can change the user interface of this block by changing the font family and colour scheme and adding a background image of the question.


Once your study is published, and respondents have taken the test, you can analyze the block-wise result of the questions asked.

For a paragraph, the question result will appear in the form of a word cloud, where you will find the most used word in the paragraph answer written by the respondents.

  • You can download the result by clicking on the download button; the result will get downloaded in CSV format.
  • You can filter the result and view/download the results of any particular respondent or a group of respondents.
  • You can hover over the word in the word cloud to see the actual count of the word used.

To understand how to add a question block, click here