Release Notes - April 16th, 2024

What's new? ✨


  • We're excited to introduce Study-Level Copilot integration, offering users enhanced assistance within specific studies. With this feature, users can seamlessly integrate Copilot functionality into their study workflows. By simply typing "@" in the prompt bar in the general Copilot accessible from the dashboard or the library, users can search for and select relevant files, media, or studies to incorporate into their questions or prompts. Once selected, users can receive answers based on the context of the chosen item.

Please note:

  • As Copilot is currently in Beta, its responses may not fully encompass all the information present in the respective files or studies in some cases. We're constantly working to optimize and improve the responses.
  • For qualitative studies, the primary focus of the study-level Copilot answers is on meeting recordings. Users can obtain responses from the documents included in the studies based on specific or detailed questions asked.
  • At present, Excel files are not supported in the global Copilot. Qualitative and quantitative studies are now supported, while in-context and diary studies will be added shortly.

Bug Fixes 🔧

  • Resolved an intermittent issue in navigation behavior across different file types in the global search. Now, clicking on tag results reliably directs users to the tag group page, while highlights consistently lead to the specific highlight page. 
  • Resolved an issue in quantitative studies where changes made to the image layout in one block were unintentionally reflected in another block. Although the changes were initially saved correctly for each block, upon refreshing the page, the previously saved layout was erroneously shown for all blocks. With this fix, changes to image layouts are now accurately preserved for individual blocks.
  • Resolved an issue on the Profile page where newly typed addresses were not updating as expected. Now, users can confidently input their new address details, ensuring that their profile information remains accurate and up-to-date.
  • Resolved an issue on the library page where the Teams icon failed to load promptly, resulting in a broken image being displayed until it fully loaded. With this fix, the Teams image loads efficiently along with a loader. 
  • Resolved an issue where clicking on the clear button in library filters didn't clear the filter applied, causing filtered items to linger until the clear button was clicked a second time. This fix ensures filters promptly clear upon user action, improving navigation efficiency.
  • Resolved an issue where users weren't receiving notifications when added to or removed from an organization. Now, users can expect to receive timely notifications for any organizational alterations.