Release Notes - Feb 9th, 2024

Bug Fixes🔧

  • Resolved an issue where, after translation, users could observe instances of the old language appearing intermittently while scrolling or rapidly navigating through the transcripts page. Now, users can now seamlessly view the transcript without encountering any language display inconsistencies.
  • Resolved an issue where text typed in the Notes widget was not being saved. With this fix, users can confidently input and save their notes without any disruptions.
  • Enhanced the user experience by improving the error messaging for timeouts resulting from clicking the Save button in qualitative and quantitative studies. The error messages are now more user-friendly, providing clearer insights into the issue and facilitating smoother interactions within the platform.
  • Resolved an issue where URLs and parameters from the connect tab were erroneously copied in the duplicated study. With this fix, the duplication process is refined, ensuring that only essential study components are replicated.
  • Resolved a critical bug affecting Global Search functionality. Previously, when a user clicked on any result related to Quantitative or Dairy studies in the Insights tab from the Global Search page, the Create page would appear blank, preventing users from navigating to the respective Insights page. This issue has been successfully resolved, ensuring a seamless experience when accessing Insights directly from the Global Search results.
  • Resolved an issue in the Image Block where, after a user captured an image, deleted it, uploaded a new image, and saved the test, data related to the deleted image erroneously appeared in the Insights. With this fix, Insights now accurately reflects only the data associated with the currently saved images.

In-Context Testing Issues

  • Resolved an issue where, when saving a redirect URL in the Connect tab while creating an Incontext study, the Incontext blocks became temporarily invisible, preventing users from adding them. With this update, the Incontext blocks remain accessible, ensuring a seamless study creation experience.
  • Resolved an issue where users encountered a 500 error when clicking on the heatmap on the result page. Specifically, the Media Insights API was affected. With this fix, users can now seamlessly access heatmap insights without experiencing any errors.
  • Addressed a concern where heat maps were not being captured for news block banners despite the presence of data in the SDK. Additionally, instead of receiving a 404 error, users were encountering a 500 error in Media Insights. With this resolution, heat maps for news block banners are now accurately captured, and users will no longer face unexpected errors. 
  • Corrected a spelling mistake in the In-Context News feature, ensuring accurate and polished text for a more professional presentation.

Issues in Media and PDF

  • Demo Mode Transcript Padding: Fixed padding issues in demo mode's transcript page, ensuring a more polished display.
  • Play Button Redirection: Corrected play button functionality on the transcript to redirect users accurately to video segments.
  • PDF Thumbnails Generation: Resolved the absence of thumbnails for PDFs uploaded yesterday, ensuring consistent visibility in the media library.
  • Transcript Page Padding Fix: Addressed overflow in top-left background padding on the transcript page, improving overall layout appearance.
  • Transcript Revert Issue: Fixed an issue where attempting to revert a transcript resulted in a 500 error. With this correction, users can now successfully revert transcripts without encountering any errors,

Webex Integration Issues

  • Resolved an issue during the Webex integration authentication process where the Update API was erroneously throwing a 400 error with the message "Integration does not exist." The bug fix ensures a seamless Webex integration experience.
  • Addressed a UI alignment issue occurring post-integration of Webex or Zoom in the marketplace. When attempting to edit a specific meeting on the library page, the bug caused an overlap between the "Edit media title" field and the thumbnail. The fix ensures a streamlined editing experience, eliminating the alignment glitch