Release Notes - April 4th, 2023

What's new? ✨

  • We are thrilled to announce the "highlight-level analytics" feature on our platform that many of our users have been requesting. Starting today, users can view the highlight-level emotion insights, providing a deeper understanding of the emotions in the respective highlights.

Note: Behavior and sentiment analysis are excluded to simplify the metrics.

  • We have added a "Play" button in the transcripts, which will enable the user to play the media from that corresponding part in the transcripts. When users click on the play button in the transcript card, the player will start playing from the timestamp on the card, eliminating the need for users to manually seek the correct timestamp. 
  • Users can now view the dominant (most prominent) emotion for each highlight on the highlight page. This feature will help users understand the emotion in each highlight at a quick glance.


  • We've made significant improvements to how the transcripts are loaded. Starting today, instead of loading transcripts in batches as the user scrolls through the transcript, our platform will now load all transcripts at once. This change will greatly improve the speed and efficiency of loading transcripts, making it easier and faster to navigate through transcripts.
  • Creating a highlight will now keep you in the same section of the transcript instead of returning you to the beginning of the transcript. Earlier, when users created a highlight, the transcript would refresh and take the user back to the beginning, which impacted the highlights creation experience, especially for longer media. With this update, users can easily create highlights without losing their place in the transcript, allowing for a more efficient and seamless highlights creation experience.
  • We have revamped the user interface for the following question blocks while creating a quantitative study:
    • Multiple choice
    • Checkbox
    • Linear scale
    • NPS
    • Star Rating
    • Thumbs Up/Down
    • Smiley Rating

We're always striving to improve our product and provide the best possible experience for our users, so if you have any feedback or ideas, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to hear from you!