Release Notes - 30th January, 2024

What's New? ✨

In this latest enhancement to In-Context Testing, we're thrilled to announce support for animated GIFs ads! Now, when configuring studies, users can seamlessly add GIF ads alongside static images, bringing a new dimension to their testing scenarios.

Noteworthy to mention, with this enhancement, the essence of Insights remains consistent in its calculation and display. However, the delightful addition provides users the ability to play these GIFs directly within the Insights interface.

Immerse your audience with dynamic In-context tester view now supported on the web — unlocking a visually engaging experience and providing users with richer insights effortlessly!


Bug Fixes🔧

  1. Fixed an issue that caused double the minutes to be deducted for live meetings.
  2. Resolved eye-tracking calibration issues for specific block combinations, such as media and in-context blocks, ensuring accurate eye-tracking functionality.
  3. Addressed visibility issues with duplicated studies, so that users are notified once the study has been duplicated.
  4. Corrected time spent on data inaccuracies at a creative level for in-context, ensuring accurate data points.
  5. Fixed an issue that prevented some qualitative meetings from appearing on the Library page.
  6. Resolved global search discrepancies where highlights and transcripts results were not showing in 'All Tab' for specific media.
  7. Fixed the issue of deleted qualitative media files appearing in the dashboard file widget.
  8. Addressed the problem of the create tag popup not appearing in certain scenarios for diary studies, ensuring tag creation works as expected.
  9. Resolved the problem of responses not showing when a diary study is moved to a closed status.
  10. Fixed the issue where the system was not ignoring Heatmap data for eye tracking less than 1 second in certain cases, ensuring accurate result display.
  11. Fixed the issue where the short URL was copied when duplicating a study from the original study, ensuring duplication works as expected.
  12.  Addressed the problem where clicking on the subscribe button on the plan page resulted in an error, ensuring it now works as expected.
  13. Resolved the bug where the updated properties in the property panel vanished after uploading the video or making any other changes. Now, the properties remain unchanged as intended.