Release Notes - July 19th, 2023

What's New? ✨

  • We are excited to introduce the implementation of Templates for Quantitative study. This new feature offers pre-designed templates to streamline various areas of study, including Customer Satisfaction, Product Market Fit, Online Shopping, Product Feedback, Market Research, and Net Promoter Score Survey. These templates provide users with a convenient starting point, offering pre-defined survey questions, response scales, and other relevant components tailored to each specific study type which users can then tailor or edit as required.
  • We have made some enhancements to the Insights feature, which now provides users with the ability to delete tags and highlights from insights by simply hovering over them. By hovering over a tag or highlight, users can now access an intuitive delete option, allowing for quick and seamless removal of unwanted or obsolete annotations.
  • With this update, users can now quickly contact our support team by clicking on the "Contact Us" button available on the Enterprise Plan Column on the Plan(Subscription) page. When clicking the button, a pre-written email will be directly sent to our dedicated support email address.

 Improvement πŸš€

  • Performed some UX cleanup in the Qualitative Study.

Bug Fixes πŸ”§

  • Fixed a bug where the total response in the result page would not match when a user submitted a test without providing any answers in the preview. With the fix implemented, the total response count on the result page now accurately reflects the user's input, even if they did not answer any questions in the preview. 
  • Fixed a bug causing the Name is showing as Unknown under the "Uploaded by" field on the analytics Page. Now, the field will correctly reflect the name of the user who uploaded the media. 
  • Resolved an issue where clicking on "Revert" on the Transcripts page would remove the AI-created tags and highlights. Now, only manually created tags and highlights are reverted, while the AI-generated ones remain unaffected. This fix ensures that users can confidently utilize the "Revert" function without losing valuable AI-generated insights.
  • We have addressed an issue where the Preview calibration window would flicker up and down when an error message was displayed while taking a test that has facial coding enabled. With the fix implemented, the Preview calibration window now remains stable and in its correct position. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Camera Preview appeared horizontally squeezed while taking the Quantitive test causing visual inconsistencies. With the fix in place, Camera Preview now displays correctly without any horizontal squeezing, ensuring accurate and reliable visualization of data.
  • Fixed a critical issue where the current user was able to deactivate their own organization. Previously, this functionality flaw allowed the unintended deactivation of organizations, resulting in disruption of operations. With the fix implemented, the current user is no longer able to initiate the deactivation process for their own organization.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Media Player icon and thumbnail to appear in PDF/PPT/Word Highlights cards. The issue has been permanently resolved, and the users will not have the Thumbnail and player in the Insights section for these file types.
  • Fixed an issue where no message was being displayed when users were trying to invite a user to a workspace who is already a part of that Workspace.