Release Notes - 4th April, 2024

What's New? ✨

Upload and Co-pilot Support for Excel Files ⬆️ 🔮(Beta Version)

We're thrilled to announce that Decode now supports uploading "Excel" files for quantitative studies, expanding our range of file upload options beyond PDFs, PPTs, MP4s, and more. Users can easily access this new upload option directly from the library section.

Points to be Noted

  • Hierarchal graphs will not yield copilot results 
  • Formatting may differ from original excel vs UI excel rendered 
  • Images, graphs in excel may not be previewed 
  • Copilot on images won’t work 
  • For file support 15mb is the upper limit
  • Currently Excel is supported only for 'file level' and not for the Global Co-pilot 

Tagging and Highlighting feature for transcripts in Diary Studies 📃

With this update, users now have the ability to generate "Tags and Highlights" for transcripts derived from Diary study responses. This empowers users to swiftly navigate through extensive textual data and extract essential insights efficiently.


  • We've implemented user experience enhancements throughout the platform, along with performance improvements for both the Login and Dashboard interfaces.


Bug Fixes🔧

  • We've addressed the problem where the .ppt file wasn't processing correctly due to an incorrect redirection of the extension. It now functions as intended.
  • Furthermore, we've resolved the issue preventing users from applying the filter option for paragraph and short answer questions. The filter now operates as expected.