Release Notes - June 19th, 2023

What's New?✨

  • We are thrilled to introduce the latest feature -  PDF, Word Document, and PPT Upload. With this release, you can effortlessly upload PDFs, PPTs, and Word Documents from the library or from the qualitative study's recording tab and analyze content, and benefit from advanced features such as creating tags, highlighting key sections, and gaining sentiment analytics.

The following features are supported for PDF, PPT, and Word Docs: 

  • View the home, highlights, tags, and chart options.
  • Highlights and tag Creation.
  •  Download the file.
  • Navigate the file using the arrows at the top.
  • View the created highlights by going to the highlights page.
  • View the tags and charts similar to the media.

Note: tag analytics is not available for the above files.

  • In the quantitative study, we have introduced a new block  - Context Screen. You can now seamlessly incorporate images, videos, and text to provide additional context within your survey. You can add this block in between your other question blocks to add additional information. By strategically placing context blocks within the study flow, users can access visual examples, supplementary explanations, demonstrations, or textual insights.

  • We have revamped the loader GIFs and placeholder illustrations for the Analytics and Charts pages within the qualitative study media analytics, providing a more visually engaging and polished experience for our users. 
  •  You will now be able to view ongoing meetings alongside upcoming meetings on the "Meeting" page, which can be accessed from the navigation panel, ensuring a comprehensive overview of all current meetings.
  • Introduced a new feature that allows users to add images to the insights banner. With this update, you can now effortlessly upload your own images or search and add relevant images to enhance your insights. Personalize your banners by incorporating eye-catching images, and creating visually engaging presentations that captivate your audience.

  • Performed some UX Cleanup to improve the user experience for the overall platform.  

Bug Fixes?πŸ”§

  • Fixed an issue related to the inaccurate media count within collections. With this fix, you can now expect the media count in each collection to accurately reflect the number of items contained within.
  • Fixed a bug allowing users to create meetings with past timestamps in the qualitative study. With this bug fix, you will no longer encounter the issue of being able to create meetings at past times.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some tags to appear in different colours on the transcript page and disturb the analytics. With this fix, you can expect unique tags for the media.
  • Fixed a bug which was displaying the incorrect thumbnail for the document uploaded in a qualitative study. With this fix, you can now enjoy accurate and visually informative document thumbnail previews, providing a clear representation of your files.
  • Fixed a bug related to the display of incorrect choice values in the Result tab of MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) assessments. With this fix, you can now expect an accurate and reliable representation of the choices within the results.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Done" button is enabled before all the uploads are complete while uploading multiple media from the library page. With this fix, the done button will be enabled only after all the uploads are completed.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Error 400 when attempting to translate transcripts into different languages. With this fix, you can now utilize the translation feature without encountering the error. 
  • Fixed an issue where the first upload after login was not reflected on the Library page, resulting in a black space. Although the upload was completed successfully, it was not visible on the Library page. With this fix, the uploaded media will be accurately displayed on the Library page, ensuring a complete and up-to-date view of your uploaded files.
  • Fixed a bug in the Emotion Metrics of the Gofum tenant. The bug caused certain conversation blocks to appear as blank chunks without any positive, negative, or neutral emotion indicated. We have resolved the discrepancy, enabling an accurate representation of emotions during these conversations.
  • Fixed an issue related to expired tokens for media, which were causing disruptions in the display of transcripts or the generation of analytics data. With this fix, you can now enjoy uninterrupted access to media and seamless generation of transcripts without encountering token expiration issues.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an additional option field to appear in the Checkbox Block while creating a quantitative survey. With this fix, you can now expect the Checkbox Block to display four options without any extraneous fields. 

What has Changed?πŸ”

  • In the qualitative study, the "Recording" tab has been renamed to "Files" since the users can upload PDF, word files and PPts files now.