Release Notes - March 30, 2023

What's new?✨

ICS file with meeting link: We are excited to announce a new feature that makes joining meetings even easier. Starting today, the ICS file generated will now include the meeting link along with other important meeting details. With our previous release, we enabled the users to add decode meetings to their calendars using the ICS file attached with email invites. 

This new feature takes things one step further by allowing users to join meetings directly from their calendars with just one click.

Bug Fixes🔧

  • Fixed the bug, which caused 1-second duration data to be missed from the Insights Data. The issue has been fixed, now the user will be able to view insights for the whole duration of media.
  • Resolved the issue related to viewing media highlights which prevented users from accessing highlights for some media. The issue has been identified and fixed.
  • Fixed the issue related to the moderator role assignment. Previously, moderators were receiving a meeting link that contained their email addresses. if used, resulted in the moderator being incorrectly assigned as an attendee or organizer role based on role configuration rather than as a moderator. Now after the fix, moderators will be required to enter their correct login credentials and enter the meeting using the "Decode user login" form and join the meeting.
  • Resolved the issue, which prevented users who logged in using SSO from accessing media uploaded to the library. The issue has been fixed. Going forward, all users should be able to view the Library page consistently.