Release Notes - 3rd February, 2024

Bug Fixes🔧

1. Resolved the issue where, after translation, scrolling/moving quickly on the transcripts page displayed the old language intermittently. The Transcripts page now functions as intended.
2. Fixed the problem where text typed in the Notes widget was not getting saved. Now, the text is saved as expected.
3. Addressed the issue where the error message for timeout when clicking the save button for qualitative and quantitative blocks was not user-friendly. The error prompt is now updated to be more user-friendly.
4. Fixed an issue with the update API in the integration section, eliminating errors and ensuring smooth integration.
5. Corrected the alignment issue with the meeting edit option in Zoom and Webex.
6. Resolved the problem of incorrect redirection on the global search page. Now, global search redirection works as expected.
7. Fixed the issue of incorrect data display in the insights tab when a user takes a picture, deletes it, uploads an image, and saves the block. The uploaded image data now reflects in the insights tab as expected.
8. Addressed various issues in the media and PDF results section, enhancing the overall user interaction.
9. Fixed the issue of In-context blocks disappearing when saving a redirect URL to the connect tab. Now, the blocks work as expected.