Decode Release Notes - October 18th, 2023

Introducing Diary Study 📝

  • We're excited to introduce a powerful new feature: the Diary Study Block. This tool empowers you to configure diary studies, a research method designed to collect qualitative data on user behaviours, activities, and experiences. With this addition, we've taken your testing experience to a whole new level, allowing testers to provide responses in various formats, including, Videos and Voice recordings.

Will be bringing images, paragraphs, checkboxes and MCQ soon!

Studies Configuration:
In the study configuration part, you will find the video response and audio response blocks available for now; using these blocks, you can configure the test.

Video block: This block not only captures video responses but also incorporates Facial Coding (FC) analysis, Voice Tonality, and Sentiment Analysis. This integration provides you with comprehensive insights into video responses, giving you a deeper understanding of user experiences.

Voice block: 
This block utilizes tonality and sentiment analysis to provide deeper insights into the captured voice responses.

Result View of Diary Study 

  • Users can now access a concise summary of the Dairy study block, providing an overview of the responses within. Users can view the overall summary of the Self-Capture block, view individual testers' responses and seamlessly navigate to a specific tester's view with just a click. We've also added transcripts and analytics, along with the ability to create and manage highlights. 

Bullet and Numbering in Copilot 🔢

  • We are delighted to announce a valuable enhancement to our copilot feature: - the inclusion of bullet and numbering functionalities within our answers. This new addition allows for a more organized and structured presentation of information, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

Bug Fixes🔧

Addressed a critical bug related to PDF files not getting indexed and thumbnails not updating. We have resolved this issue. Thumbnails associated with PDF files will now update correctly, and can expect PDF files to be included in search results based on their content and keywords, providing more comprehensive and accurate search capabilities.