Decode - Known Issues

The team is aware of the following issues and we are working on the same.

  1. When a highlight is created by overlapping on an existing highlight, the highlight color on the older highlight gets removed.
  2. Meetings recordings sync - duplicate recordings are added when the meeting is edited on the MS/Teams side.
  3. When uploading multiple media, if there are errors with some of the media and just one error is fixed, others also get accepted and allowed to upload.
  4. When uploading multiple media, if the user has selected some media from the file explorer and then tried to add more media from the explorer. The new media does not get added.
  5. Notifications will not work as expected.
  6. A confirmation pop-up sometimes appears (inconsistently) when moving from one block to another in the qualitative study even after it is saved.
  7. In qualitative study creation, If the user removed a mandatory field after saving, publish button still remains enabled.
  8. Once insights are published, they cannot be unpublished.
  9. Once insights are published, it still remains accessible after it is deleted, if the user has the shared URL.
  10. Recurring meetings for Webex do not get synced. Only one occurrence is displayed in the meetings list.
  11. FTP integrations - Videos that are imported from FTP are getting duplicated every time the user clicks on the sync button.
  12. Zoom integrations are not working currently.
  13. Microsoft SSO - Multi-tenancy (,, etc.) is not supported currently.
  14. Insights have a scrolling issue that prevents users from being able to see the last section.
  15. Users are unable to join the meeting if they try to log in using SSO on the meeting page.