Release Notes - April 9th, 2023

What's New?✨

  • We are thrilled to announce the release of our revamped homepage, which improves user experience and allows users to get started with what matters quickly.

  • Multiple meetings in one study: Users can now create multiple meetings within a single qualitative study. This new feature is designed to make it easier for researchers to gather data by conducting multiple meetings within a single study.
  • Upload Recordings: We are excited to announce a new feature in Decode that enhances qualitative analysis by enabling users to upload meeting recordings from elsewhere or add media from the library to a qualitative study on Decode, allowing users to seamlessly access and analyze content across sources. This new feature provides support for media uploaded from a user's computer, as well as from their from the Decode Library if they have already uploaded it there or imported it through integrations. Users can then create highlights and add tags and view analytics, making it easy for users to analyze and draw insights from the added media. This means that users can leverage all of the features available in Decode to analyze their meetings, regardless of whether it was conducted on Decode or elsewhere.
  • Collective analytics of recordings: We have added a new feature to Decode that enables users to see collective analytics of all the recordings in a qualitative study. With this feature, users can now analyze and draw insights from multiple recordings in a single analytics tab, providing a comprehensive view of their data.
  • Tag-level analytics: We have added a "Tag-level analytics" feature on Decode. Now users can view the tag-level emotion insights, providing a deeper understanding of the emotions in the tags that may be associated with multiple highlights. It can view by clicking on the tags on the following pages.
    • Transcript page
    • Highlight Page
    • Charts Page

  • Decode users can now see their Decode Live meeting recordings within the qualitative studies under the Recordings tab.

Bug Fixes🔧

  • Fixed the bug which caused the Transcripts page to not load when users returned from the Analytics page. Previously, when users navigated away from the Transcripts page to access the Analytics page and then returned to the Transcripts page, the page failed to load. Users can now navigate between the Transcripts and all the pages seamlessly without encountering any errors or delays.