Release Notes - March 24, 2023

What's New?✨

Library Page: We have streamlined the user interface for Library. Now, there is no section division in the library; all the studies, collections and media will be available under one heading. This update will save you time and make it easier to find what you're looking for. Enjoy a more seamless experience with our new user interface. 

Media in Library: Now access all your uploaded media in one convenient location: the Library. This new feature allows you to easily find and manage your media files. 

Upload Media from the Library: You can now upload media directly from the library page, eliminating the need to switch between different sections of the platform. This feature is designed to streamline the process of uploading and managing media for your research. By uploading media to the library page, all of your studies and media will be available in one central location, making it easier to organize and access.

Media Filter: Added a feature which allows searching the media on the library page. Simply type in the name of the media you are looking for in the filter search box, and the library will display all the matching results. 

Edit media: Added the ability to edit media on the library page with new options. You will be able to edit information like thumbnails, titles, teams, visibility, and sharing options. Users can now modify the visibility of their media to private, shared or public and tag people with whom they want to share. These changes aim to improve the user experience and provide greater flexibility in managing media assets.


We have made significant improvements to our Media API performance. With this enhancement, our Media API now responds faster and provides a better experience to our users. This means you can now upload, retrieve and manage your media files more efficiently.

Bug Fixes🔧

We are happy to announce that we have fixed a bug that was causing trouble in generating the transcripts for WAV files. Previously, the system was unable to generate the transcripts if a WAV file was uploaded. However, we have identified the issue and resolved it. Now, users can easily access and retrieve the transcripts for their WAV files without any hassle.