Release Notes - March 20, 2023



What's New?✨

  • Added a functionality To decode live meetings, which will keep the organizer hidden on the calls. This setting is optional, and you can control it while filling out the meeting creation form. 
  • Added a new feature which will allow the users to invite non-decode users as observers too while creating a meeting.
  • We have added the following new fields and functionalities in the meeting creation form that we believe will make creating and managing meetings even easier:
    • Meeting URL field - displays the unique URL for each meeting that you create
    • URL copy button - to copy the meeting URL to your clipboard
    • Cancel meeting - to cancel a scheduled meeting

Bug Fixes 🔧

  • We recently discovered a bug in our system that affected the visibility of moderators' avatars when logged in as an organizer. This issue was causing the avatars to be invisible, and moderators were not being counted on the meeting cards. The bug is fixed now.
  • Fixed the bug that was affecting the functionality of our app when logged in as an observer. Specifically, when the "Enable Background" feature was clicked, the app would crash.
  • Fixed the bug where users were not being navigated to the next field when entering the Workspace name and clicking "Enter" in our Workspace creation form. Instead, a new line was being created, causing confusion and frustration for our users.