Release Notes - April 18, 2023

Bug Fixes🔧

  • Fixed a bug causing some users to receive error messages when trying to schedule a qualitative meeting between the end of one day and the start of the next day. Users can now successfully schedule qualitative meetings across the day without any challenges.
  • We've resolved a bug that was causing our survey links to crash when opened in the Chrome browser. Some users were experiencing crashes at varying points during the survey. With this fix, users can now complete the survey without encountering any crashes or data loss.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the wrong time format in the dashboard banner. Now, the users will only see time in this format, HH: MM.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing users from previewing or testing image uploads. Previously, users were taken to the thank you page without being able to view the uploaded image or capture the metrics based on the technology selected for tracking. The issue has been resolved, and users can now properly view the uploaded image and capture the chosen tracking technology during preview or test mode.
  • Fixed a bug related to media processing while uploading media. Users were experiencing some errors when processing media, preventing them from accessing transcripts and analytics. We've identified and fixed this issue, so now, the media can be processed without token errors.
  • Collections sections will now be hidden in case there are no collections to show.
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing users from moving sub-collections (collection inside a collection) to the Library page. The underlying issue has been fixed, and users should now be able to move sub-collections to the Library page without encountering any issues.