Release Notes - December 14th , 2023

What's New?✨


1. Face Blur: Your Privacy, Your Way!

Face Blur introduces enhanced privacy, offering users control over their visibility for a secure and personalized experience. This inclusive feature fosters diversity by accommodating users hesitant to show their faces. With flexible engagement, users can confidently participate, deciding when and how much to reveal, ensuring a comfortable and authentic online interaction.

This feature supports our qualitative study block in Decode, whether it's the meetings uploaded to Decode, meetings conducted using Decode, or sync-ups from marketplace integrations.


Note: Face Blur option once enabled cannot be reverted back.

2. Decode Copilot Enhancement

We have now added a feature, "Show History", that allows users to view their history of questions and queries asked on Decode Copilot, providing a better user experience.

Bug Fixes 🔧

  • Fixed the issue with the copy and delete buttons for quantitative studies in demo mode. Now, the demo mode works as expected, providing users with a comprehensive overview of the platform.
  • Fixed the issue with the skip button in preview mode, allowing users to easily navigate through screens and improve their configuration experience.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message wasn't displaying for unsupported media files uploaded for Instagram's gaze and reels. Now, the error message is displayed in-line with the design, improving the user experience.
  • Fixed the issue where the individual share link was directed to the preview link on the insights page. The individual share link now works properly.