Release Notes - December 27th, 2023

Bug Fixes 🔧

  • We've resolved a couple of issues in survey redirection flow (Connect tab):
    • Screenout URL: When Screenout URL is configured in the Connect tab in the studies, and when a respondent fails a screening question, the respondent wasn't being redirected to the Screenout URL. This is now fixed, and testers will be directed to the correct URL.
    • Error URL: When Error URL is configured in the Connect tab in the studies and when respondents refresh the page while taking the study, the respondents were being redirected to the Complete URL instead of the error URL page. This has been fixed, ensuring users are now directed to the intended Error URL. These updates make sure the redirection behaves as expected in both scenarios.
    • These improvements aim to ensure a smoother and more consistent Connect tab redirection experience.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the workflow approval page from loading certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the number of responses in studies to show incorrectly in the library.
  • Fixed a bug encountered while attempting to delete or move one collection into another, causing difficulties in the process. This fix resolves the problem, ensuring that users can now delete or move collections smoothly without encountering any issues.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicated blocks failed to appear immediately on the page and only showed up after manually refreshing the page. With this fix, duplicated blocks now promptly appear on the page without requiring a manual refresh.
  • We have made the diary studies mobile-friendly on Android. iOS will be rolled out shortly.
  • Minor UI enhancements in in-context testing.