Release Notes - 28th November, 2023

In-Context Testing for Tiktok!

We've launched an innovative feature that revolutionizes content testing: In-Context Testing for TikTok. Now, users have the power to upload their videos and experience them within a simulated TikTok environment. This feature allows content creators and researchers to gain an immersive preview of their content as it would appear and engage within the dynamic TikTok interface.

In-Context Testing for Instagram Reels!

We're thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our platform - the addition of In-Context Testing tailored specifically for Instagram Reels. This latest feature enables users to upload their videos into an environment that authentically replicates the context of Instagram Reels. This hands-on experience provides users with valuable insights into how their content would appear and resonate within the dynamic realm of Instagram Reels.

Insights for Instagram Reels and Tiktok

The Insights for In context block for the Instagram reels and TikTok is available too! This new feature equips users with a powerful suite of metrics, including eye-tracking and facial coding insights, enabling a detailed assessment of media performance.

Our system puts together a detailed summary report with all the insights you need. The summary will give you an overview of the overall performance of all the creatives you have uploaded for testing.

You can pick particular creatives and see how they performed individually. The Attention and Engagement graph helps fine-tune your content for a bigger impact by understanding how your audience engages. Also, our platform gives you easy-to-understand Emotion Graph and Heat Map features, showing emotions and engagement visually. These tools help you better understand how your customers behave, so you can make smarter content choices.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a critical bug affecting the Quant study Context block in the Results tab, where the Insights section was displaying as blank. Following the resolution, users will no longer encounter this issue. Insights within the Results tab of the Quant study Context block will now be correctly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Library page failed to load correctly when navigating from the "Choose Your Research" page due to an "undefined" organization parameter. The bug is fixed ensuring that users can now seamlessly access the Library page without encountering any Error.