Release Notes - 21st March, 2024

What's New? ✨

Introducing "Area of Interest" (AOIs) to Media Insights and In-Context Testing🔎👀

Building upon our current insights for Media and In-context Testing, users can seamlessly explore user interactions further with precise AOI tracking. Simply draw a box on the video or image to specify the region, and gain valuable insights into user engagement, preferences, and behaviour. Empower yourself to optimize user experiences and make informed decisions with AOI, unlocking enhanced precision and understanding.

Media Insights


In-Context Insights


Checkbox Question Properties Enhancement ☑️

In our Quantitative study, users now have the option to enable the 'none of the above' property for checkbox questions, allowing them to indicate if none of the listed options apply. This enhancement ensures greater flexibility, accuracy in responses, and improved quality of survey data.


  • Performed user experience improvements across the platform and additionally we've made enhancements to the 'Embed Share' feature.


Bug Fixes🔧

  • Previously, users couldn't pass eye tracking calibration when a block with enabled technologies was followed by a question block and another block with enabled technologies in a mobile browser. Now, eye tracking calibration functions correctly.
  • Users encountered difficulties downloading files (PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, etc.) from the homepage. We've resolved this issue, and downloads now proceed seamlessly.
  •  An issue arose where attempting to create a collection with an existing name triggered a rename popup unnecessarily. This popup no longer appears, allowing users to create new collections smoothly.
  • The view count wasn't updating when users accessed the 'edit' media option for a media file. This has been rectified, and the view count now updates as expected.
  • Previously, the Dominant emotion was displayed as "NA" despite engagement. Now, emotion metrics are accurately displayed.
  • Some existing users were unable to sign in via Google SSO. This issue has been resolved, and users can now sign in seamlessly through the SSO process.
  • Previously, transcripts weren't generated even after media processing. They are now generated as expected.
  • AOIs creation had issues, but now they're created in real-time.
  • An issue causing previous results to reflect in newly created study blocks has been fixed. Results now correspond to the respective blocks.
  • Transcripts not generating led to facial coding failures. This has been resolved, and transcripts generate as expected.
  • Emotions were not displaying for highlights in uploaded media, but they now appear as expected.
  • Newly created studies and collections weren't showing in global search. Now, global search functions correctly for newly created studies and collections.
  • Clicking the insights tab of a qualitative meeting from global search didn't redirect users as expected. This has been fixed.
  • Trackpad scroll didn't work with long invite lists. Now, scrolling functions as expected.
  • The 'revert' image option remained enabled on the thank you page even after completion. It now disables as expected.
  • Users couldn't delete URLs entered on the connect tab. Now, users can seamlessly edit entered data.