Result of Qualitative Study


Decode is a powerful tool that helps businesses improve their meetings by unlocking valuable insights and data. With its advanced technology, Decode captures a transcript of the meeting recording and provides features like translation into 100+ languages, splitting, merge edit them. Users can then review the transcript and gain valuable insights into the meeting, such as the most frequently used words, sentiment analysis, and action items. In addition, Decode uses facial coding and eye tracking to capture participants' emotional responses and visual attention, providing users with a detailed analysis of the emotion displayed during the meeting, engagement and attention and other analytics needed to make informed decisions. 

In this article, we will walk you through the steps of accessing the insights of the meeting recording.


Step 1: Once you log into your Decode account, you will be automatically directed to your home page

Step 2: Go to the Library Page from the navigation panel on the left of the dashboard.

Step 3: You will see all the accessible studies and media on this page. Click on any active or closed qualitative study to open it.

Step 4: Once you click on the qualitative study, you will arrive at the study creation page.

Files Page

Step 5: Navigate to the "Recordings" page from the top navigation panel. On this page, you will find the recording of the meeting conducted in the decode platform, as well as the media uploaded in the study from your device or from the decode library.

Step 6: To view the analytics of the recording, click on the recording card. This will take you to the recording details page.

Step 7: On the recording details page, you can view the media details, speaker phase, conversion metrics, and any existing highlights. The left navigation panel allows you to access different recordings and media within the study, while the right navigation panel gives you access to the following pages.

  • Transcript page - Transcripts view/edit, translate and create highlight
  • Highlight page - view, download, share highlights and get insights
  • Tags - View all the tags created and group them
  • Tag group - create charts for tags and tag groups
  • Analytics - view the overall analytics from the text, voice and facial data for the recording.

For a detailed understanding of the graphs and analytics available on these pages, refer to the article.

Analytics Page

Step 8: Next to the Recording page, you will find the "Analytics" page. On this page, you will find the cumulative insights of all the meetings as well as the recording uploaded/ added from the library.

Insights Page

Step 9: At the end, you will find the "Insights" page. From here, you can create webpages that include text, images, and links that highlight their key findings and observations. You can also add tags and highlights created for the videos and meetings present in the study.