Release Notes - 23rd April, 2024

Introducing Decode Predictive Research ✨

We're thrilled to introduce Predictive Research on Decode! Now, users can upload images or videos and receive predicted heat maps and Fog Maps. Additionally, they can access data points on key metrics like Attention, Focus, Clarity, and Percentage seen for each uploaded creative.

Users can easily add this block from the research section, upload an image or video for prediction, and access the data points shortly thereafter.



- The maximum upload limit for videos is 2 minutes.
- Processing time for individual images is up to 3 minutes.
- For 1-minute videos, processing takes approximately 20 minutes.
- For 2-minute videos, processing takes approximately 30 minutes.


Image Prediction


Video Prediction


Coming Soon: Explore benchmarks, receive tailored recommendations and suggestions and create AOI's for your media content.