Release notes - December 20th, 2023

What's New?✨


  • Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the holidays with our Christmas-themed dashboard update! Unveil a season of joy, delightful surprises, and upgraded features radiating with festive cheer, transforming your user journey into a truly magical experience!
  • Revamping our Marketplace Integration UI: Elevating the user experience to new heights, where sleek design meets seamless navigation for an effortlessly delightful journey!
  • Enabling the Face Redaction feature across all workspaces, both existing and new, ensuring enhanced security, and granting extensive access to every end user.
  • Unlock a whole new level of research excellence! Our platform has undergone transformative UX cleanups, crafting a user-friendly haven for seamless and enriched research journeys.

Bug Fixes 🔧


  • We have resolved the issue where the profile picture was not updating even after clicking the update button. Now, the profile picture will be updated successfully.
  • Resolved the API bug that previously caused errors when accessing insights through the shared link. Now, the shared insights link functions properly.
  • Addressed a bug that was causing API errors when users tried to log in with Chrome. This means that accessing the insights link is now a breeze!
  • Resolved the problem of inaccurate data displays in the results section. The results are now precise and consistent with the responses.
  • We've fixed the issue with the toaster message displaying incorrectly during the intermediate state of a successful API call. Now the loader message displays properly according to the design.
  • Resolved the problem where the "Add Cover Image" option was not showing in the "Insights" tab for duplicate quantitative studies. This means that users can now effortlessly update the cover image.
  • Fixed the UI issues in iOS version 17 for in-context testing.
  • Addressed the issue with the API error that occurred despite clicking the save button for the Update block. It is now functioning correctly.
  • We have fixed the bug with the AI Highlights and Tags.
  • The problem has been resolved with an error occurring in a study that was configured with a combination of Vimeo and YouTube blocks. Now, the test works fine for any combination of blocks.
  • We've fixed the bug with the self-capture block. Audio and video are now playing, and the results are accurate.
  • We have resolved the issue with the quantitative study of image upload, preview, and update, and they are now working seamlessly.
  • We have addressed a bug, where a few tabs were not enabled in the global search for new accounts. Now the global search is enabled in all workspaces.
  • Resolved the issue with the share link directing users to the login page. Users can now access the share link as intended.
  • The bug has been resolved, that caused the creation of duplicate highlights for few media in the production region.
  • We have fixed the API issue that resulted in errors when attempting to access transcripts for media recordings through integrations.
  • We have successfully resolved the problem related to the media playback in the Qualitative Study Block. It is now functioning properly as designed.
  • The issue regarding Safari users being unable to input a new password has been resolved. You can now be confident that all necessary information can be easily filled out.
  • The issue of the Diary study results page showing a blank page has been resolved. Users can now expect to see the intended toaster message on the results page.
  • We have solved the issue whereby users were getting an error message while trying to access the PDF file.
  • We've fixed the problem of block duplication during study configuration. Now, block duplication functions correctly according to the intended order.