Media Analytics Graphs


For all the media question blocks available in the survey of quantitative study, you will find analytics for facial tracking and eye tracking based on the tracking technology selected while creating the study. In this article, we'll provide you with an overview of the media dashboard and the different metrics available in it.

Overall Media Dashboard ✨

In the Overall Media Dashboard, you will find insights about CX score, emotions felt, and other metrics such as capture, retain and engage.

The first thing available in the dashboard is the media's overall performance compared to the other media in the same category. The overall score of your media is compared with the category-wise benchmark scores available on our platform.

Emotion Responses

The overall percentage of users, whether they felt positive or negative while watching the media. The score is calculated by averaging the emotions of each user over the media length. 

Positive Emotions calculation: Sum of happiness and surprise.

Negative emotion calculation: Sum of Anger, Disgust and Contempt (Fear and sadness are not included in negative emotion, as these emotions need to be considered within the context of the media and can be shown as standalone emotions).

Capture, retain and Engage scores

These scores are captured using the technology of facial coding and eye tracking.

  • Capture: It is calculated as the average first distraction of the user. It shows how efficient your media was in capturing the viewers' attention. The higher the score, the higher would be media attention-grabbing.
  • Retain: It measures user attention after 5 seconds of viewing the media.
  • Engage: This chart shows respondents' engagement with the media, calculated as the sum of the overall emotional reaction evoked by the viewer at a particular second.

Second-by-Second Media Performance ✨

In this dashboard, you will find a second-by-second analysis of emotions and respondents' attention and engagement in line graphs.

Engagement and Attention Chart

 It provides the viewer's second-by-second attention, engagement and emotion scores. The chart is presented as a line graph to see the scores hover over the timelines; a small information box will appear with the scores for that second.

The x-axis represents the length of the media in seconds, and the y-axis represents the score on a scale of 0 to 100.

The colour conventions are also added to the graph. i.e. Purple line represents engagement scores, and the red line represents attention scores

Emotion Analysis

This graph provides information about the respondent's emotions throughout the media. It displays what emotions the respondents display at a particular second while watching the media.

The x-axis represents the length of the media in seconds, and the y-axis represents the score on a scale of 0 to 100.

The colour convention chart is present on the right side of the graph.