NPS Question Block

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) score is a popular metric for businesses to track customer loyalty and measure the success of their customer experience efforts. It is calculated by asking customers a single question: "On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this product/service to a friend or colleague?" The score ranges from -100 to 100 and is calculated as the percentage of customers who are "Promoters" (9-10 rating) minus the percentage of customers who are "Detractors" (0-6 rating). 

In Decode, you can add the Net Promoter Score question as a block to your quantitative survey, and the respondent can add a numeric response to the question asked.


The following properties can be applied to the NPS block.

  • Response Required: Enabling this property will make the question block mandatory; the respondent will not be able to proceed to the next question without answering the question while taking the study.
  • Progress bar: Enabling this property will show a study progress bar that indicates the progress of the respondent along the study.


  • You can change the user interface of this block by changing the font family and colour scheme and adding a background image of the question.


  • In the logic section, you can define the branching logic for the question to customize the survey flow for different responses. To understand how to add a question block in studies, click here.


Once your study is published, and respondents have taken the test, you can analyze the block-wise result of the questions asked.

  • For an NPS question block, the results will be shown in the following two charts: 
  1. Semi-circle Chart: You can view the NPS score calculated using the formula:
  2. Column Chart: You will find the distribution of respondents who selected the respective options in the linear scale.
  • You can download the result by clicking on the download button; the result will get downloaded in CSV format. 
  • You can filter the result and view/download the results of any particular respondent or a group of respondents.

o understand how to add a question block in studies, click here.