Release Notes - June 20th, 2023

What's New? ✨

We are thrilled to introduce a valuable addition to our meeting platform – the Interpreter role. With this new feature, users can now access an interpreter/translator during meetings to facilitate communication across different languages. While creating a meeting, you can invite users for this role. The interpreter/translator will be present to translate and interpret discussions, enabling seamless communication and fostering inclusivity among multilingual attendees.

How this will work?

If an interpreter is added to a meeting, participants in other roles can simply click the "Translate" button. This action will seamlessly switch their audio feed from the actual conversation to the interpreted conversation provided by the interpreter.

It is important to note that the transcript will be generated in the language selected while creating the meeting, not the interpreted language.

Note: One interpreter at a time is supported as of now.

Bug Fixes🔧

  • Fixed a bug that was affecting the generation of analytics for certain tags in the media used for qualitative research. With this fix, all tag analytics will now be accurately and seamlessly generated, providing valuable insights.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the library page to become empty when attempting to create a collection. Previously, users experienced an issue where, after naming a collection, pressing the Enter key would trigger a site reload, resulting in an empty library page. This bug has been rectified, ensuring the smooth creation of collections without any disruption.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the preview screen to go blank when uploading images in the image block of surveys in the quantitative study. With this fix, users can now upload images and test the preview before publishing the survey, ensuring a seamless and error-free experience.
  • Fixed a bug that was affecting the proper functioning of the translation feature. With this fix in place, transcripts will be accurately translated without encountering any errors, enhancing the usability and reliability of the translation feature for users.

Note on Microsoft SSO

  • We have an important update regarding the migration from to As a result of this migration, the Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality will not function properly in the Decode platform for internal accounts. While this is being worked on, the MS SSO option will be disabled shortly. Therefore, we kindly request all users to use their email addresses for signing in to Decode for the time being.