Dropdown Question Block

This question block comes under the General question blocks.

A dropdown question block is a type of survey question that presents the respondent with a list of answer choices in a dropdown menu format, where they can only select one option.


  • Response required: selecting the answer from the list is mandatory; the respondent will not be able to move to another question without answering the question.
  • Screening Question: you can select valid choices from the options. If the participants meet the criteria and select the correct options, only then will the survey will move forward otherwise, the participant will be directed to thank you screen.
  • Randomize: The options will appear in random order.
  • Others: Respondents can add the option of their choice if their answer is not listed in the options list. This option will be available at the end of the list, where respondents can enter the required option.
  • All of the above: by selecting this option, the respondent is selecting all the options given in the list.
  • None of the above: by selecting this option, the respondent is selecting no options given in the list.
  • Multiple Selection: The respondents can select more than one option from the dropdown list.


  • You can change the user interface of this block by changing the font family and colour scheme and adding a background image of the question.


  • In the logic section, you can define the branching logic for the question to customize the survey flow for different responses. To understand how to add a question block in studies, click here.


Once your study is published and respondents have taken the test, you can analyze the block-wise result of the questions asked.

For a dropdown question block, the result will appear in a bar chart, where you will find the number of respondents who voted for the option in every option bar.

  • You can download the result by clicking on the download button; the result will get downloaded in CSV format. 
  • You can filter the result and view/download the results of any particular respondent or a group of respondents.

To understand how to add a question block, click here