Release Notes - November 14th, 2023

Decode Copilot Enhancements ✨


  • Teams-level Copilot Data Restriction: Our Co-pilot feature just got better with the addition of team-level restrictions. Simply put, users can get answers to questions only from the data that is available on their teams. This is to ensure that access is controlled among designated teams.
  • Files and Media Meta-data are now available to Copilot: Decode Co-pilot now allows users to refer to the files and transcripts by using references such as the file name. This new feature greatly improves the user experience and makes accessing information a breeze.
  • Co-pilot now registers any updates and changes made to transcripts. These updates are then considered as the context for future questions and answers.

Other Noteworthy Enhancements 🧩


  • If the testers encounter an internet connectivity issue while taking the test, they will now receive an error message notifying them of the issue.
  • As users configure their study and add new question blocks, they can now view tooltips for each block. These tooltips enhance the user experience by providing a clear understanding of the usage for each block.
  • Once the responses have been gathered from the diary study, a prompt message will be presented to the user until the metrics have been generated for the associated block. This feature will significantly improve the overall user experience.


Bug Fixes 🔧


  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to encounter a blank page when trying to access the login page in certain cases. We have implemented measures and the login page now loads smoothly as expected.
  • We've resolved the issue with the Decode Copilot's display of inaccurate sources for specific queries and the omission of sources for others. Moving forward, the co-pilot will provide relevant sources directly linked to the query, thereby delivering more valuable information.
  • We have resolved an issue that resulted in an error when accessing the results section for certain question blocks. All question blocks now accurately display results in context to the corresponding responses.
  • We fixed the diary study block issue. The displayed number of blocks now excludes the Welcome, Thank You, and Error pages as intended.
  • We have fixed the issue regarding the incorrect email template displayed in workflow management. Now, the email template is properly showing according to the original design.
  • The problem of the co-pilot failing to respond to newly uploaded files has been resolved. All newly uploaded files are now receiving responses from the co-pilot.
  •  The issue with the creation of highlights for PDFs has been resolved. We can confirm that highlights are now being successfully created for all PDFs.