How to admit users in a meeting?


When a user tries to join a Decode meeting as a guest or a participant, the moderator/observer needs to admit them to the meeting; only then will they be a part of the meeting. In this article, we will guide you through the steps for admitting users to a meeting.


Step 1: Join the meeting as a moderator/organizer from the decode platform or the meeting invite.

Step 2: Once any participant tries to join a meeting, you will receive a pop-up message to admit or reject the participant. You can choose either of the options.

 Missed the pop-up🫣?

 If you missed the pop-up message, you could open the participants' list. Here, you will find the participant's display name in the list with two options to accept or reject.

Click on "Admit" to allow the participant to the meeting and click on "Deny" to disallow. 

💡If there are any participants in the waiting room of the meeting, you will find a red dot on the participant's list icon.