Release Notes - 10th January, 2024



  • Now, users can revert the image back to the original Decode image for the Welcome block and Thank You block in the quantitative study after they upload an image, enhancing the user experience in the study configuration.

Bug Fixes🔧


We fixed the following issues with the Quantitative study block.

  • In the context block, where the block colour and background image were not functioning. Now, the block properties operate as intended.
  • For the YouTube block, specifically in the insights and results tabs, where the video wasn't playing and displayed a message stating 'no compatible source for this media.' Now, the video plays as intended.
  • The breaking of the blocks during configuration after clicking the save button is fixed. Now, the study configuration operates smoothly.
  • Previously, users were unable to paste copied text or content into the variable field of the Connect tab. However, the Connect tab properties have now been updated to function properly.
  • Previously, when users selected Eye Tracking or a combination of Eye Tracking and Facial Coding, they were unable to play the media in the results tab. However, the feature now works as expected.

We have addressed the following issues regarding the Diary Study.

  • The audio word that was misspelled in the Audio Record block has been corrected.
  • The issue in survey blocks where, despite successful responses, the loader screen was persistently displayed. This has now been resolved.