Release Notes - May 5th, 2023

What's New? ✨

  • Added new functionality to our media upload process. With this update, users will now have the ability to remove a file they have uploaded by using the new "Remove" option. This option will be similar to the delete icon that appears when a media is selected. This new feature will enable users easily remove any files that they no longer wish to upload.
  • Users will now be able to view tag group-level analytics, which provides an aggregate of all the analytics of the tags present within the group. The analytics will include Positive, Negative, and Neutral tags and will be visible both on the Tags Groups page.
  • Added a new update to our Upload Media Pop-up form. Now, The number of People and Language in the Upload Media Pop-up will  Not Be Auto-Selected. Furthermore, we have added validation to these fields, ensuring that users cannot click upload until the fields have been entered. This will prevent any mistakes and improve the accuracy of the data. Additionally, we have greyed out the Upload button until the required fields have been filled, making it easier for users to see when they can proceed with the upload.

Bug Fixes 🔧

  • We have resolved a bug that was causing continuous API calls to occur when logging in with an unverified account. With this fix in place, When users log in with an unverified account proper error message will be displayed.
  • We have identified and resolved a bug related to the URL copy button in the share page in a study that was not working as expected. With this fix, users can now easily copy the URL by clicking on the copy button.
  • Previously, when a user uploaded multiple media and a validation error was thrown for multiple items, resolving one error would also resolve all other errors. We have fixed this error. Now, if there are multiple errors, all of the errors must be resolved before the upload will be allowed. This will prevent any unintentional media uploads and ensure that all errors are addressed before proceeding with the upload.
  • Fixed a bug that caused validation errors for multiple files in the upload media pop-up to be dismissed if one of the validation errors was addressed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tag-level analytics from being generated in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the status of the study to be hidden on the study page.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the fields of a new study meeting form to be disabled when attempting to create a new study after viewing a closed study.