Highlight Analytics

With Decode, creating highlights is not only easy but also insightful. We provide you with the ability to highlight important sections of your transcripts and also give you valuable insights into the tone and sentiment of the conversation.

What is Highlight Analytics?

Highlight analytics is a feature that allows you to gain valuable insights into the emotion and sentiment of the highlighted text. When you create a highlight, our platform analyzes the text and emotions and provides you with detailed emotional insights. These insights help you understand the tone of the conversation, giving you a better understanding of the overall sentiment of the meeting or video.

We provide you with insights into positive, negative, and neutral emotions. This allows you to easily identify sections that are positive, negative, or neutral in tone, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of the conversation.

To see it in action, simply select the text you want to highlight, give it a tag, and our platform will automatically generate emotional insights for that text. You can even create multiple highlights in the same transcript and compare the emotional insights to see how the tone of the conversation changed over time.

In conclusion, highlight analytics is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to quickly identify and focus on the most important parts of a meeting or video. So why not try out our platform and see how highlight analytics can help you streamline your workflow today!