Transcription in Decode

What is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting spoken words into written text. This can be done by a person or by a computer program. Transcription is often used in the fields of media, medicine, and law to create written records of interviews, speeches, and other audio sources.

Transcription in Decode

In Decode, we provide transcripts for every conversation available in decode and a different section for different speakers. You can also edit the transcripts, translate them to other languages and generate the analysis for them.

All the transcripts can be downloaded in the form of a CSV file with the following headers:

  • Media Name
  • Speaker Name
  • Start time of the transcript
  • Transcript Text

Analytics from the transcript

Using the transcripts, the following analytics are generated in Decode:

1. Emotion Metrics

Sentiment analysis is a technique used in natural language processing to identify and extract subjective information from text. In the Emotion Metrics, we have incorporated sentiment analysis of the text into the calculation of the combined positive, negative, and neutral emotions. This ensures a more accurate representation of the emotions by taking into account different modalities.

2. Text Analysis

This is a visual representation of text data, depicting the keywords and most talked about topics in your conversation. The most commonly used words in a given piece of text are displayed in a larger font size, while less commonly used words are displayed in a smaller font size.