Youtube Media Block


Adding YouTube videos to survey forms is a new and innovative way to collect meaningful data from your audience. This data is then analysed by AI-powered tools, providing you with valuable insights that can be used to improve your product or service. By recording respondents' facial expressions and eye movements as they watch a video, you can gain a deeper understanding of their emotional and psychological reactions. This feature is perfect for businesses, researchers, and marketers looking to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the game. 

In this block, you can upload a public access link to gather responses from the respondents. To add the URL, copy it from youtube and paste the URL section and click on the upload button.


  • Category: You can specify the group where your media belongs. This will help in comparing the overall score of your media with the other media in the same category.
    • To select the category, click on the field name and select it from the dropdown.
  • Subcategory: This is the subordinate of the main category. Use this option to specify the exact group your media belongs to.
  • Tracking Technology: This feature allows you to choose how you want to track the respondents' behaviour. You can select the following technology:
    • Facial coding: This can be used to analyse the facial emotions of the respondents while watching the media. For this tracking type, the camera needs to be enabled all the time.
    • Eye tracking: By selecting eye tracking, you will be able to capture the eye movement and eye gaze of the respondent while watching the media.


  • In the logic section, you can define the branching logic for the block to customize the survey flow for different responses. So after defining the logic, the respondents will be directed to the block as per the configuration in the branching logic.

In the above screenshot, we have added a logic to direct the respondent to the "Thank you" page after watching the video. Like this, you can redirect them to any block in the survey.


Once your study is published and respondents have taken the test, you can analyse the block-wise result of the questions blocks. For a Youtube media insights block, you will find analytics for facial tracking and eye tracking based on the tracking technology selected while creating the study.

 Our product offers two dashboards to provide a comprehensive view of your respondents response. The first dashboard presents a detailed breakdown of the different metric scores such as capture, engage, retain, and attention, along with the emotion scores. The second dashboard features graphs that display the attention, engagement, and emotion scores on a second-by-second basis, offering valuable insights into how your respondents responds to your content. Together, these dashboards offer a complete picture of your respondent's emotional and psychological reactions, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to improve your content and better serve their needs.

To understand the meaning of different graphs this these dashboard Click Here