Release Notes - 23rd Feb, 2024

What's New? ✨


1. Introducing Seamless Survey Embedding on Websites! 🌐

We're thrilled to announce a new capability: Embedding Decode surveys directly into websites! Now, you can effortlessly integrate surveys created in the Decode platform as standard forms, pop-ups, sliders, or pop-overs on other websites.

In the share page, along with other sharing options, you will have an option to embed the survey. Here, you can choose how you want to embed the survey, customize it, and get the embed code to be added to your website. This opens up a world of possibilities for gathering valuable insights with ease and flexibility.

Note: This feature is currently not supported for the studies which have technologies (facial coding and eye tracking) enabled.

2. Introducing Flows in Incontext News Testing ⭐️ ➑️

We're thrilled to bring you a significant upgrade to our in-context testing feature, specifically designed for news websites. Now, with the introduction of flows, you can create dynamic, multi-page news websites tailored for ad testing.

Effortlessly navigate through various pages, customize your news website layout, and strategically place ads according to your selected design. What's more, you can precisely define the redirection of each ad to different pages.

3. In-Context News: Introducing Article Page Templates! πŸ“°βœ¨

Added a new feature to our In-Context News block: the ability to create detailed text article pages. Now, when adding the In-Context News block, users have the option to include a template for a detailed text article page. This versatile template allows for the inclusion of banners, images, or purely textual content, offering flexibility in design and presentation. We support for up to 2000 words and basic text editing features (including bold, italic, and underline).

4. Improved Library Filters for Enhanced Searchability πŸ”
We've upgraded the library filters to include specific categories like "In-Context" and "Diary Study." Now, users can easily search and locate in-context and diary studies, streamlining the process of finding relevant content within the library. Enjoy a more refined and efficient search experience!

5. Decode Andriod App Update πŸ“²

We've rolled out an update for the Decode mobile app, ensuring compatibility with the latest Android version. In addition, we've addressed and resolved a bug that was throwing an error after entering a valid Decode workspace name. Now, users can access the app with an improved experience.

Bug Fixes πŸ”§

1. Previously, enabling Facial Coding and Eye Tracking technologies in the media upload block resulted in a 500 error from the media insight API. Now, the API processes requests without any errors.

2. In demo mode for Quantitative studies, users were able to add an audience, contrary to expectations. The Audience tab is now appropriately disabled.

3. Users were redirected to Workspace Login instead of Meeting Login in normal browsers. This has been corrected, ensuring users are directed to the meeting link page as intended.

4. In qualitative meetings, when more than ten meetings were added to a study, the Expand CTA button was hidden. Now, the CTA buttons appear as per the design.

5. Checking feasibility previously didn't show CPI and available participant values in the Audience tab. Now, these values are accurately reflected.

6. Navigating from the Insights tab to the Create tab would freeze the left and right panels in Qualitative and Quantitative studies. This issue has been resolved, and users can now perform actions smoothly.

7. The misspelled 'Diary Study' word in the library filter has been corrected.

8. The welcome page alignment issue in mobile responses has been fixed.

9. In the News block insights, metrics were not shown without an image. Now, metrics appear whether or not an image is uploaded.