Release Notes - June 14, 2022

What's New?✨

A new and improved Decode Live experience.

We have redesigned the Decode LIve UI completely. We have also added support for different types of participants in the meeting. Now you can control who can do what in a meeting.

New User Interface:

What has changed:

  1. The theme of the meeting. This is now more in line with our brand colours
  2. Icons and their select states
  3. The active speaker is always highlighted
  4. You can see upto 6 people on the screen

You can now add people as Moderators and Observers to your call, along with regular meeting participants. 

  1. Moderators have to be signed up for our platform. You can add up to 3 moderators to a meeting. Moderators have the same permissions as organisers. They will be able to conduct the meeting with ease with our new interface
  2. Observers can be anybody who just wants to join the meeting to listen in. They need not be signed up for our platform to join as an observer. Observers are visible only to moderators. Meeting participants do not know about observers being on the call.'

In order to add moderators and observers to a meeting, you will need to select/choose their email in the respective field while creating a new meeting.