Release Notes - December 20th, 2023

Fixed a bug where users encountered a 403 Error when attempting to open a PDF file. This issue prevented users from accessing PDF files, disrupting the intended workflow. The bug has been resolved, and users can now open PDF files without encountering any Errors.

Fixed a bug where the Transcript API was generating a 500 error for recorded meetings of the integration. The bug has been resolved, ensuring the Transcript API now correctly delivers transcripts for recorded meetings using the integration.

Fixed a bug where, within self-capture results, both the video and audio files were not playing, accompanied by a 403 Access Denied error. . The bug has been resolved, restoring the functionality to play video and audio files seamlessly within self-capture results.

Fixed a bug where users faced difficulty entering a new password while using the "Forgot Password" feature specifically in the Safari browser. Now, users can enter and update their passwords seamlessly when using the "Forgot Password" functionality in the Safari browser.

In iOS Version 17, we've fixed several issues to enhance the video functionality. 

  • The problem where the video block's camera used to open in full-screen mode has been resolved.
  •  Additionally, we've tackled the distortion occurring within videos displayed in the blocks. 
  • Another issue addressed is the video remaining muted after the first click, which has now been rectified to ensure proper unmuting upon the initial interaction.

Fixed a bug where clicking on results caused the display of previous or old data followed by the correct data. This shimmering effect has been eliminated, ensuring the immediate display of accurate and up-to-date information upon clicking results.

Fixed a bug where the Results page in the Diary study turned blank when the data was empty. This issue has been resolved, ensuring that the Results page now handles empty data appropriately without causing a blank display or any errors.