Integration/3rd party redirect of Quantitative Studies


Using third-party redirects in surveys is a powerful way to increase response rates, enhance data quality, and improve the overall user experience. In this article, we'll provide you with an overview of what third-party redirects are and how you can create them in Decode.

What is Redirect URL?

Third-party redirects in surveys refer to the practice of redirecting survey respondents to an external website or platform. This is typically done by inserting a redirect link into the survey flow, which sends the respondent to an external platform or website.


   Step 1: Open the study or which you want to add redirects to/from the 3rd party platforms. 

💡You can define the integrations while creating the study or later if the study is in the draft stage.

Step 2: In the study, go to the Connect tab. On this page, you will find the fields for adding the URL of the platforms to/from which you want the redirect to happen for different events while taking the survey in the study.

  1. Complete URL: Using this URL, you can send the respondents to a different webpage after successfully completing the study. 
  2. Screen Out URL: Using this field, you can add a URL where respondents will be redirected to a different page in case they don't clear the screening questionnaire configured. This URL can also be used to re-direct respondents who don't enable their camera and audio device permissions. 
  3. Error URL: Using this, respondents can be redirected to a different platform if the test gets aborted. Tests can get aborted for reasons such as:
    1. The respondent reloads a page or navigates away from a test screen. 
    2. The respondent's camera or audio fails.
    3. The respondent faces network issues. 
  4. Quality Check URL: This URL can be configured for redirecting duplicate participants as they try to open a test for the second time. 
  5. Adding Variable: While redirecting the decode study, you can define up to 5 static variables that will be passed on to the URL to the integrated platform.
    1. You can enter any alphabet for the five variables, but once one alphabet is defined in the redirect, the same alphabet cannot be defined in the same study.
    2. Duplicate use of alphabets is not supported within a single study.