How to change role of a participate during live meeting?


The Moderator and Observer of the meeting have access to change the role of a participant during the meeting. Changing roles during a meeting can help to facilitate more effective collaboration and engagement among participants. Changing roles can also help to manage the meeting more efficiently. For example, change the role of an observer to an attendee if they want to participate in the discussion.

💡Tip: To understand the privileges of different roles in a meeting, refer article: Roles in Meeting.


Use the following steps to change a participant's role in a decode live meeting:

Step 1: Join the meeting as a moderator/organizer from the decode platform or the meeting invite.

Step 2: Open the participant's list. You will find the list of all the participants and "three dots" against their names. Click on the three dots.

Step 3: Once you click on the "Change Role" option. A pop-up will appear on the screen for role selection.

Step 4: Select the role from the dropdown list and click on the "Change" button. The role of the participant will be changed.