Decode Copilot - AI Generated Summary, Highlights and Action Items

Decode Copilot AI Generated Summary, Highlight and Action Items

In the ever-evolving field of qualitative research, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) has become paramount in unlocking new possibilities and insights. By leveraging the capabilities of Open AI, Decode now offers AI-generated summaries, highlights, and action items, empowering researchers with efficient and impactful analysis tools.

AI-Generated Summaries

Gone are the days of manually transcribing and scrutinizing every minute of a meeting recording or media content. Decode's AI-generated summaries condense lengthy discussions into comprehensive overviews, capturing key points, decisions, and relevant context. With these succinct summaries, researchers can quickly grasp the essence of a conversation, saving valuable time and effort.


AI-Generated Highlights

Decode's AI-powered highlight feature enhances researchers' ability to pinpoint critical moments within recorded meetings and media files. By automatically identifying and extracting notable sections, important insights, and impactful exchanges, researchers can effortlessly navigate through extensive content, focusing on the most valuable and relevant segments. This functionality enables efficient review and facilitates deep analysis without losing sight of crucial details.


AI-Generated Action Items

One of the most valuable aspects of qualitative research is extracting actionable recommendations from discussions. Decode's AI-generated action items feature identifies and consolidates the actionable tasks, decisions, or next steps that arise during meetings. By automating this process, researchers can swiftly compile a list of action items, streamlining the implementation and follow-up process for the research findings.

AI-generated summaries, highlights, and action items are available in the following 27 additional languages alongside English: Malayalam

French (fr-CA)Hindi (hi-IN)Korean
Indonesian (id-ID)Kannada (kn-IN)Romania
Japanese (ja-JP)Tamil (ta-IN)Nepali
Thai (th-TH)Telugu (te-IN)Punjabi
Malay (ms-MY)Arabic (ar-AE)Greek
French (fr-FR)Marathi (mr-IN)Hungarian
German (de-DE)Chinese Vietnamese
Spanish (es-ES)MalyalamAfrican
Italian (it-IT)Arabic (ar-iq)Central Asia - Armenian