Release Notes - 27th March, 2024

What's New? ✨


Decode Co-pilot Feedback Capability ✅

We're thrilled to introduce a new thumbs-up and thumbs-down feedback capability to the Co-Pilot feature on our platform, revolutionizing the way users provide input. With just a click, you can now easily express your satisfaction or concerns, helping us tailor Co-Pilot to better meet your research needs.



Revamped Co-pilot Landing page 🔮

We've refreshed the Co-Pilot landing page for a more user-friendly experience. Explore its powerful capabilities effortlessly!


Renaming of Research Templates❗

We've renamed our research templates on the platform for easier navigation. With clear, descriptive names, finding the right template is now a breeze, saving you time and streamlining your research process. 


  • Performed user experience improvements across the platform

Bug Fixes🔧


  • Previously, group tag analytics didn't function correctly for bar charts in media analytics. Now, tag analytics operates as intended.
  • The email share option was malfunctioning from the defined sharing methods. This has been fixed, and the share option now works properly.
  • Users encountered difficulties importing videos into a qualitative file section. This issue has been addressed, and videos are now imported as expected.
  • Applied filters from the library option weren't clearing after navigating back from a different page. Now, filters function as intended.
  • In study creation from the properties panel, the progress bar option remained enabled despite disabling and refreshing the study page. This has been rectified, and the property now functions correctly."