Release Notes - August 2nd, 2023

What's New? ✨

  • We are delighted to add support for more Single Sign-On (SSO) options: LinkedIn, Amazon, and Microsoft. This enhancement streamlines the authentication process, making it faster, easier, and more convenient for our users.
  • Updated the Email Template for Decode Verification Code. This update brings a fresh and modern design to the verification email sent to Decode users, providing a more visually appealing and engaging experience. 
  • Added Trial Reminder Email Notifications for the Subscription Plan. Now, users will receive a timely reminder three days before their trial period expires. But that's not all! We've also added an additional reminder email for users whose trial has expired, nudging them to take the next step.
  • Added an essential new feature - Subscription Trial Plan Limits - With this addition, our trial users will now have access to a comprehensive set of limits to explore the platform's capabilities fully.
    • Consolidated minutes: 60 minutes
    • Number of Users: 2 users
    • Data Storage: 5 GB
    • Number of Teams: 1 team
    • Survey Responses per Month: 100 responses
    • EmotionAI (FC/ET) Responses per Month: 50 responses
    • Number of Highlights/Tags per Insight: 5 highlights or tags
  • Added usage tracking and rate limiting for features on our platform, aligning them with your subscription plan to enhance your experience. Now, you can enjoy features provided with limits based on your subscription plan.

Bug Fixes 🔧

  • Fixed a bug in the camera to enable functionality in the Quantitative surveys. Due to this bug, the camera remained active while answering other questions even after the media section had ended and persisted until the Thank You screen was displayed. With our latest bug fix, the camera will now be turned off when the media section ends.
  • Fixed a bug in our Bubble chart feature. Previously, there was an issue where the bubble size was not proportionate to the tag count, resulting in all bubbles being of the same size. With our latest bug fix, the Bubble chart now accurately represents the tag count, ensuring that each bubble's size appropriately corresponds to the number of tags associated with it. 
  • Resolved a critical bug affecting new accounts created from Single Sign-On (SSO) platforms. Previously, users who registered through SSO (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn) were unable to Create a Quant Study. With our latest bug fix, this issue has been completely addressed, and users can now seamlessly create Quant Studies using their SSO-created accounts.