Decode Live Meeting Features


In this article, we'll introduce you to the powerful live meeting features available on Decode. With Decode, you can conduct remote qualitative research studies with ease, and our live meeting features allow you to collaborate seamlessly with your team and participants.

Using Decode Live, do more than just a meeting!

Meeting page of Decode✨

Here are the things you can do with decode during a live meeting:

Notification Control: With our notification control feature, you can ensure that your participants are notified when the meeting is about to start so everyone is on the same page. You can manage the notification you receive during the meeting.

Path: Click on the more options button --> notification settings

these are the notification you can manage:

  • Share screen: Share your screen with other participants. Once you click on the share button, click on the Screen Share button and choose the desired window to share.
  • Be Right Back Status: You can put a "BRB" tag on your profile tile during meetings instead of posting a message on chat.

  • Raise Hand: You can raise your hand during a meeting in decode, and a raised hand will appear on your profile tile.

  • Chat with Participants: The organizer, the moderators, and the participants can chat while in a Decode Live Meeting by clicking on the chat button; you can choose with which roles you want to chat.

Mute participants: Moderator can mute the participants during the meeting based on the roles of the users.

Request to Mute: Moderators can also make a request to participants to mute themselves. This request will go as a pop-up on their screen, which they can choose to accept or reject.

Path: Click on the three dots for more options--> Mute All

Once you click on Mute, this form will open on the screen where you can make the selections for muting participants.

You can turn off the video of participants by selecting the track type as video.