Release Notes - 30th November, 2023

In-Context Testing for News!!

Embark on a News Adventure:Discover how users interact with news platforms through in-context testing. This strategic journey unveils how users connect with content, explore features, and navigate seamlessly. It provides a window into user preferences and challenges for developers and designers, allowing them to refine and exceed expectations for an unmatched reading and browsing experience.

Configure your study effortlessly by selecting available templates for the home page and article preview, along with a range of options in the properties panel. Choose your preferred device, media properties, and tracking technologies like facial coding, eye tracking, and mouse tracking, enhancing your research experience.


This innovative feature empowers users with a robust set of metrics, incorporating eye-tracking, facial coding, and mouse tracking insights. This comprehensive toolkit allows for a detailed assessment of the updated news article, providing unparalleled insights into user engagement ,interaction and positive emotion.

Dive into the Power of Personalization! Select specific creatives and unveil their individual performance metrics. Elevate your content strategy with our Attention and Engagement graph, providing insights to refine your content for maximum impact. 

Explore the emotional landscape with our user-friendly Emotion Graph and Heat Map features, translating audience sentiments and engagement into visual stories. These intuitive tools empower you to decipher customer behaviour, enabling smarter and more impactful content choices.


  • The Edge browser on mobile is not supported.